UMIDIGI will announce a super fast wireless charger on May 17th

by Dimitris Economou 0

Wireless charging in smartphones is a never-ending debate for the industry and the users’ community as for some it is considered a “must have” feature while for others it is practically useless. To support their opinion, the wireless charging “haters” have two main arguments: It is very slow and it isn’t really wireless. I tend to agree with the second argument since it is basically more an inductive charging than truly wireless. As for the first argument, it may have been true in the past but nowadays wireless chargers have become fast enough to not be considered slow.


To that direction, UMIDIGI is ready to announce its own wireless charging base that they claim it would be the fastest in the industry. It will be offering a 15W max output whereas most pads on the market reach up to 10W right now. To give us a comparative example, UMIDIGI says that it can fully charge the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro in just 100 minutes. In comparison, the same device reaches a full charge in 70 minutes when the regular wired charger is used. If that proves to be true in real life use, it is pretty impressive.

The UMIDIGI Q1 that will be using the Qi protocol will be revealed on May 17th and we could comment on it on a more realistic basis, so stay tuned.

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