Elephone claims the P8 is disrupting the industry and here’s why

by Dimitris Economou 0

Elephone P8 is currently on offer and it is among the cheapest devices with 6GB RAM right now. Elephone is very confident about its child and even believes that it’s disrupting the market. Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration but combined with its current price tag, it is somewhat true.

Elephone P8

According to the company, there are six reasons that the P8 is disrupting the market and they have to do with its specs. So, the 21MP Sony IMX230 sensor for the rear camera and the 16MP Samsung selfie snapper are the first two, and indeed, they are impressive in numbers although not as much in real life use. Then comes the 6GB RAM amount and is the second largest you’ll find in the market right now. What comes next is the 5.5″ display with curved glass and the secure fingerprint scanner with the price of $169.99 coming to bind them all together.

We would add the beautiful design and go ahead grab one at the current price. I think that is should have come to the market at that price in the first place and it would’ve become an instant hit. My choice would be the Red one, get it in either that or Black and Gold on TomTop.

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