Ulefone Armor Mini vs Nokia 3310 durability test (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

With so many different models in the smartphone market right now, making the right choice has become extremely difficult. Besides tech specs, design and pricing play a big role when deciding. Here is where marketing steps in. The marketing budget is increasing year over year for pretty much every company and is responsible to make you want to buy their product. Thankfully, comparison videos are very popular and you can take a look at real-life use of a device before buying. For that reason, Ulefone made a durability comparison between two feature-phones, the Armor Mini and the revived Nokia 3310. Let’s see what they got.

To be fair, the two devices belong to a totally different category, despite the fact that they are both feature-phones. Ulefone Armor Mini is a rugged feature-phone while the Nokia 3310 is a common, simple device without any IPxx certification nor any tough casing. As a result, the Armor Mini easily wins the test. Here, price becomes the decisive factor. For about the same amount of money, the Armor Mini offers IP68 certification, cable-free FM Radio, drop resistance, dual standby, and reverse charging. Design is subjective for each one so it cannot be put into the equation.

Right now, the Armor Mini is the most advantageous choice to make since a flash-sale is ongoing and you can get it for just $29.99. Check it out here.