Ulefone device with 3D Structured Light Face Recognition leaked

by Dimitris Economou 0

After the iPhone X introduced the Face ID to the market, many manufacturers decided to do the same. The difference is that Apple’s implementation is much more advanced and sophisticated as it relies on 3D recognition of the face, preventing tricking the system with a photograph, for example. Soon, Xiaomi and Oppo will release similar devices equipped with 3D structured light. Compared to 2D recognition, the 3D structured light face recognition is much safer and faster.

Ulefone T3 Pro

Ulefone, being a company that wants to always stay up-to-date with the trends of the smartphone market, is about to do the same. Leaked information say that Ulefone T3 Pro will feature such a face recognition system. Ulefone is said to be cooperating with Orbbec Technology (a manufacturer of 3D structured light technology) to research and develop the system. What’s more, the T3 Pro will probably sport an in-screen fingerprint sensor covering a large area, allowing the user to unlock the device easily. If all of the above prove to be true, we are talking about a cutting-edge technology device. We hope that it does and that it will come at a competitive price, as it has always been with Ulefone devices. Let’s not forget that the already demonstrated in MWC 2018 T2 Pro was supposed to sport an in-screen sensor, however, affected by the chip makers, this product is not in mass production stage yet, but it’s gonna be soon.

In addition to the T2 Pro that will surely attract much attention, Ulefone will release the mid-end notch display Ulefone X in June. If you are planning on upgrading your device in the near future, it’s worth the wait. But if you need one right now, another good choice would be the battery beast Ulefone Power 5 with its 13000mAh capacity. Check it out here and let’s hope that the T3 Pro becomes a real project that will hit the markets in the near future.