Elephone departs to the future with its new $31 million factory

by Dimitris Economou 0

Elephone has gone a long way from a small smartphone manufacturer to becoming an appreciable competitor in the demanding smartphone market. Their devices offer competitive specs at affordable prices most of the times while the after-sales support has greatly improved over the years but there’s always room for improvements. And it is time for another turning point for the company that with the support from the local government, is opening its own factory in Luzhou, a tech hub in South China located close to Huawei and other household tech names.

Elephone Factory

Having your own manufacturing facilities brings a great advantage over competitors as it will allow the company to design, research and develop new smart products in-house, a major advantage over similar sized rival brands who still rely on third-party design houses for product ID and PCB design. Manufacturing and packaging will all be handled at the newly constructed factory by the fully trained staff. It features 16 production lines and 5 SMT lines. During the opening ceremony, several agreements were signed totaling over $42 million.

Elephone Factory

The total investment amount by Elephone has reached over 200 million Yuan and they are continuously expanding their partnerships with big names like Qualcomm, Samsung, and BOE who have already cooperated on the flagship Elephone U Pro. The representative from BOE gave a speech during the opening ceremony where he praised Elephone for their success over the past few years and declared that they will provide ongoing technical support to the company in the future.