The Cubot Team is ready for the mobile World Cup in 2018! (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

This year is the year of the football World Cup and it will be held in Russia. Events like that, besides the sports side that amuses the football fans, it also is a fest for sponsors as millions of dollars are circulating during the event. To stay in touch with its fans and be up to date with current events, Cubot has set up its own winning team, consisting of 11 of its devices. Every field position is occupied by a different model, according to its characteristics.

Cubot World cup

For the position of the two strikers that will score goals, the company chose its currently most powerful devices, Cubot Power and P20. The Power features Helio P23 processor, 6GB RAM, 128GB of internal storage, and 6000 mAh battery while the P20 has got the looks with its 19:9 notch display being the star.

In the important middle field, Cubot placed X18, X18 Plus, Magic, and Nova. All of them are delicate and feature a beautiful design, just like all top class midfielders have great technical skills. In the defense, Cubot placed the heavy artillery: Kingkong, Cubot H3, Cubot R11, and Note Plus create a barrier that is hard to penetrate. Lastly, the goalkeeper position is left to the Cubot Max, the 6″ giant that can cover more ground against the opponent.

The Chinese national team didn’t qualify to the World Cup so Cubot thought it’s a good idea to create a replacement team. Of course, this is only for entertainment, however, their official website ready to have the World Cup score quiz campaign and a lot of gifts for participants.