The iLife V8s robot vacuum cleaner sells for up to $68 off on Amazon (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

With everyday life becoming more and more demanding, there is a continuously decreasing time left to do things that are essential. Like cleaning the house for example. Thankfully, a main reason that our time has decreased, the industry, gives the solution too: The iLife V8s robot vacuum cleaner.

iLiefe V8s

As its name suggests, it is an automatic vacuum that will get the job done (well, the most part of it) without you moving a finger. In fact, you don’t even have to be at home at all! The intelligent planned cleaning system features an award-winning i-Dropping system that makes it an efficient dry and wet cleaner. There is a whole set of sensors and wheels that help it move across the house avoiding obstacles and on any type of floor.

iLiefe V8s

The iLife V8s is currently on offer on Amazon. You can get it for $39 less than its original price right now. What’s more, until June 6th, using coupon GJHNN6BG you can get an extra 13% off that drops the price to just $192.26! To find out all the details about it, visit the official product page.