The Koogeek WiFi Smart Socket now comes at 40% off on Amazon (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Koogeek and dodocool are on a deal rally lately, offering great discount for some of the most popular products. The latest addition to the deals is Koogeek’s WiFi Smart Socket. This smart socket is the second best way to automate your home’s lighting behind smart bulbs. Usually, people buy smart bulbs that then put on their existing lighting fixtures but that is a bit risky as, if they malfunction, you’ll have to buy a new one. And they are not cheap.

Koogeek smart socket

On the other hand, Koogeek’s proposal is practically a smart adaptor that sits on your existing lighting fixtures and you can use any common bulb you wish. Via the smart socket, you can control lights around the house using Siri on your iOS device that is very safe, as Apple’s technology provides advanced security with end-to-end encryption and authentication between a HomeKit-enabled accessory and your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Also, with the Koogeek Home app, you can set custom schedules and timers for a light bulb or a scene to meet your daily routine. Scenes enable you to control multiple accessories at the same time. Lastly, remote access and power consumption monitoring are possible as well.

Koogeek smart socket

You can get the Koogeek WiFi Smart Socket for just $18.59 on Amazon using coupon FED58A5W during checkout. The offer is valid until June 12th and if you are a member of Amazon Prime, shipping is free.