The BESTEK Smart Plug supports Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and USB charging!

by Dimitris Economou 0

The Chinese industrial revolution that is ongoing for almost 2 decades now has brought many changes to the world economy, both positive and negative. One of the many positive outcomes is the access of the vast majority of consumers to affordable, innovative technology. The latest trend is home automation and this field has seen great development with multiple manufacturers offering their products at great prices. A perfect example is BESTEK that has introduced -among others- a brilliant smart plug.


BESTEK Smart Plug

The BESTEK Smart Plug sports all the must-have features such a device should. So, supporting two of the most popular smart assistants -Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant- is standard and in addition, the popular automation service IFTTT is onboard too. Using the Smart Plug helps you interact with multiple devices remotely, either it has to do with turning on/off the lights, starting the coffee maker before getting out of bed, or even schedule the turning on the lights when being away on vacation.

BESTEK Smart Plug

Lastly, besides acting as a smart plug, it also sports 2 USB ports for charging your devices without the need for an extra charger for them. The BESTEK Smart Plug is currently on offer on their website for the great price of $15.99. You can check all the details here.