Ulefone puts Ulefone X against OnePlus 6 and Xiaomi Mi8 (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Notch displays have launched a controversial discussion among users for whether or not it reduces screen real-estate or it allows for extra space for the notification bar. The truth is that the second opinion is correct. If there was no notch, the whole top bezel would have to be thicker and the notification bar would take up space from the rest of the display.


The latest notch display device to hit the market is the Ulefone X, an almost perfect iPhone X clone. Ulefone is pretty confident about its capabilities and puts it against two of the top flagships right now: OnePlus 6 and Xiaomi Mi8. The comparison is in two sectors, gaming, and video playback. For the gaming comparison, they chose the heaviest game so far, PUBG. On all three devices, the game runs smoothly without problems. Of course, graphics are more detailed on OP6 and Mi8 since they sport a more powerful GPU.


Ulefone X

The second comparison is how well the video playback adapts to the unusual aspect ratios and the covering of the notch. The notch in OnePlus 6 is completely hidden as both sport AMOLED displays that produce total black when off. But still, the problem with OP6 is that it has black bars on top and bottom and the Mi8 has a small black bar just below the notch. The best adaptation comes from Ulefone X here.

The Android budget version of iPhone X went on pre-sale this week on Aliexpress for $159.99 and early buyers will receive a protective case for free. If you want one, just head to the product page here.