UMIDIGI describes the road the making of Twilight and Twilight Black colors on the Z2

by Dimitris Economou 0

Besides all the specs and stuff users pay attention too, another important department in a company is the design team as strong love comes at first sight. So, design is as important in the smartphone industry as in any other industry out there. And what plays a key role is the color or colors chosen to highlight the design. Most companies chose common colors like Black, Silver, Red, Blue until this year that Huawei broke the rules and introduced “gradiency” in the P20 Series. UMIDIGI took that idea and evolved it to come up with two innovative gradient colors: Twilight and Twilight Black.



The source of inspiration is the biggest out there, nature. So, the Northen Lights was the inspiration that lead to the Twilight color, mixing cyan and purple. And It proved that it works wonders and looks amazing. One thing lead to another and that’s how the Twilight Black was born, taking notes from the nightfall and the beautiful colors it can reproduce.

UMIDIGI Z2 Twilight Black

UMIDIGI Z2 Twilight Black

Of course, all this is a trial and error procedure as theory from practice is miles away most of the times. The design team had to make sure that the color spectrum will reflect the aurora’s and nightfall’s magnificence as it’s shrunk to the size of a handheld device. Besides, they have to go through countless body prototypes for the best results so, in the end, they settled on a non-conductive vacuum metalizing (NCVM) coating for optimum results. As you can see below, prototypes are countless.

UMIDIGI Z2 prototypes

UMIDIGI Z2 kicked off presale on June 11th and is ongoing offering $50 off the official retail price. To see the full specs and grab one, you can visit the presale page here. The activity will end in 3 days’ time.