Vkworld is going to launch the candybar smartphone VK4000 in August!

by Dimitris Economou 0

Candybar phones were the dominant form factor until the release of iPhone in 2007. Since then, they are almost extinct and only a few companies still produce them, mostly Nokia and Philips. But Vkworld is planning to release one next month and not just a feature phone, but a full-fledged smartphone running Android 8.1!

Vkworld VK4000

We are talking about the Vkworld VK4000 and it will come with a 4000mah big battery with 5V/3A fast charge support as well as wireless charging and reverse charging feature. Despite its candybar design, the display will not be as small as you’d think. It will be a 3.5″ capacitive display so that you could use it as a traditional smartphone. If you are a physical keyboard fan, the good old T9 keyboard will make yo happy.

What’s more, it will be pretty powerful too having 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, dual rear camera, IP68 certification and Android 8.1 preinstalled. Lastly, it’ll have more functions like SOS, positioning, intercom function and so on, so you can easily deduce that it is suitable for people who like outdoor sports and adventure. There’s no more information on the rest of its specs or price. We’ll find out soon since it is expected to launch in August.