dodocool launches its own VIP Club to offer exclusive promotions and more

by Dimitris Economou 0

Following the Koogeek announcement of their VIP club, dodocool proceeds to its own VIP Club establishment to offer loyal users great offers and exclusives. As deals are scarcely spread throughout the year, most users don’t get the chance to grab a good deal since they find out way too late, if not at all. So, the Chinese manufacturer created its own VIP Club to offer selected users exclusive 50% off promotions, pre-release products, and other benefits.

dodocool VIP Club

The dodocool VIP Club program is currently available to residents of USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Japan, and Spain while other countries will be added later. The participation is free but you still have to apply and wait for the company to check your eligibility and get you in. The application will be easier if you’ve purchased a dodocool product from Amazon in the past.

What the company produces is great computer peripherals, smartphones accessories, power bricks, and more. And despite the fact that their prices are great, build quality and performance are high. To apply for the dodocool VIP Club, just visit the VIP Page.