Power up to 12 devices simultaneously with the BESTEK Outlet Power Strip

by Dimitris Economou 0

BESTEK is an emerging company offering great peripherals and gadgets like power outlets, smart home accessories, as well as car-oriented gadgets. The department where it excels the most is that of power strips and charging devices in general, with the 12-in-1 Power Strip standing out.

BESTEK power strip

The BESTEK Outlet Power Strip is designed with multiple charging stations to provide a space-saving charging station that can charge up to 12 devices simultaneously through the 8 AC outlets and the 4 USB charging ports where you can connect your smartphone or tablet directly. Also, its compact size is ideal for home, office or a professional workstation.

BESTEK power strip

The 3 out 4 USB ports can automatically identify the device connected and optimally deliver up to 2.4A output while the 4th port supports Quick Charge 2.0 standard for charging compatible devices up to 75% faster. As for the AC outlets, they provide a stable and safe current as the power strip is equipped with a 15A circuit breaker.

The BESTEK power strip is currently on offer and sells for just $29.99 on Amazon. To see all the details visit the official product page.