See first impressions for the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro flagship (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

UMIDIGI is on a rising route the past 2 years with every flagship generation they release being much, much better than the previous. The Chinese manufacturer is aiming at disrupting the dominance of some companies in certain segments and wants to replace your Huawei or Xiaomi device and save you money in the process.


To that direction, the latest UMIDIGI Z2 Pro flagship seems that is on the right track. Powerful features, excellent design, and quality materials are a perfect recipe to start climbing to the top. Let’s see what people think of the device at first glance. The company went out on the streets asking random people which device they would choose among several. Many of them chose Z2 Pro and when asked about what the price should be, most answers where above the real price.

The full details are available on the company’s official site where you can also subscribe to get yours at a discounted price. There you can also participate in the giveaway event where 5 lucky users will get a Luxury Ceramic model each. The pre-sale event is expected to kick off at the beginning of August. The pre-sale prices are as follow:

UMIDIGI Z2 Pro Twilight $299.99

UMIDIGI Z2 Pro Carbon Fiber $299.99

UMIDIGI Z2 Pro Luxury Ceramic $359.99 (comes bundled with UMIDIGI Q1)


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