Grab top Robot Vacuum Cleaners on Amazon Prime Day

by Dimitris Economou 0

Amazon Prime Day is among the top discount events of the year. As its name suggests, you must be a prime member to get these deals but that can be done without you paying a single dime for prime membership as all you have to do is start the free prime trial month. Today, we’re going to talk about Robot Vacuum Cleaners that will be on offer during Prime Day.

Amazon irobot Roomba 690

There is a large number of brands and products to choose from, and every potential customer should take a little time researching what will work best for them. Products can range from generic (but affordable) 1st generation models to cutting edge, semi-A.I. 3rd generation devices. Also, how well they perform can depend just as much on your home as it can on the device. Besides the small companies that mostly sell 1st gen products, there are two companies that dominate the market: iRobot and Ecovacs.

iRobot is the most well-known brand in the market and its ROOMBA Series is probably the best there is out there. No matter if you go for the basic Roomba 690 or the Roomba 960 that you can track via the smartphone app, the result is guaranteed. There is the Braava Series as well which is a series of mopping robots with the most popular model being the Braava 380T.

Amazon Ecovacs Deebot N79

On the other hand, Ecovacs is the 2nd biggest manufacturer with its products being more affordable but almost equally effective. Their Deebot N79/N79S series is the competitor of Roomba 690 and has been a top 5 bestseller on Amazon as it offers a good quality, more affordable alternative to the Roomba. Moving on to the “high-end” segment, there is the Ecovacs Deebot 900/901 Series that has a similar to the Roomba 960 mapping feature but also features a laser-guided navigation system that allows you to tell the robot where exactly you want it to clean, something you won’t get with other robot vacuum models. Ecovacs provides mopping robots as well with its Ozmo robots. As a matter of fact, the Ozmo Series also comes with vacuum capabilities.

Amazon Ecovacs Deebot N79

If you are new to the robot vacuum cleaners market, we’d recommend that you go with one of those two companies’ basic models as they are affordable and effective enough. Especially the DEEBOT N79S from Ecovacs is a bit more affordable than the Roomba 690 but comes with added features compared to its competitor. You can find all the deals here.