Onikuma K6 redefines what you should expect from a $32.99 gaming headset

by Dimitris Economou 0

If you are on a short budget and are looking for a specific product to buy, usually the first thing you do is search for the lowest price available. With the overflow of manufacturers flooding the internet, this can be a little tricky and end up with a low-quality product. This is not the case with the Onikuma K6 gaming headset, as it comes at a great price with decent specs and build quality.

Onikuma K6

With a speaker size of 50mm and 106+/-3db¬†sensitivity, explosions, gunshots, and sound effects in games sound real and bold. As far as ergonomy and comfort are concerned, the K6 features comfortable and soft earcups and the adjustable headband ensures a perfect fit. What’s more, the design is great too with LED lights extruding from its interior.

Onikuma K6

Of course, the Onikuma K6 has universal compatibility and can be used in conjunction with your PS4, XBox, Nintendo, PC, and every other device that features a 3.5mm jack. In addition, it sports USB connectivity too. To prove their trust on their device, Onikuma offers a free replacement policy as well as a 1-year money back warranty!

The K6 gaming headset costs just $32.99 and you can check out all the details on the official product page.