UMIDIGI One and One Pro presale date confirmed, August 6th on Aliexpress

by Dimitris Economou 0

We’ve already seen almost everything there is about the compact flagship duo, UMIDIGI One and One Pro and we were just waiting for the presale period date and price. Today, the company unveiled the presale campaign start and it is August 6th. At this moment, users can already purchase both the One and One Pro for $169.99 and $199.99 respectively but we can safely assume that the price will go even lower during the presale activity period.



Also, to complement the teardown photo set that was released by the company recently, the video of the teardown became available. Let’s watch it together, it’s always nice to see what tech is made of.

Both devices look impressive on the inside as well as the outside, although they sure look a lot like iPhone X clones. Besides, there nothing bad in taking design hints from maybe the best design studio in the industry.

UMIDIGI is running a giveaway event on the dedicated product page where you can have a chance to become a trial user. You can check all the specifications of the One Series and join the trial users’ activity right here.