Chuwi HiGame Back to School: Perfect for games and VR use

by Dimitris Economou 0

As you already know, the Chuwi HiGame is a mini PC that will come with the latest Intel Kaby Lake chip and AMD graphics, just like the ones found in Intel’s Intel Hades Canyon NUC. Since the main core specs couldn’t be different, what makes the HiGame better than Intel’s NUC is RAM, SSD storage, And Windows 10 that are preinstalled.

Chuwi HiGame

The collaboration between Intel and AMD aimed at offering a compact gaming PC to the public and it does just that pretty well as it can handle demanding games such as Fortnight, Leagues of Legend etc. Another field that it excels in, is VR gaming. And if you want more than the embedded GPU can offer, through the Thunderbolt 3 port you can connect an eGPU for more demanding tasks. Whatever you need, HiGame can provide. Check out an extensive list of VR games, eGPU compatibility, and software tests here.

Chuwi HiGame VR

Besides gaming, the HiGame can act as the perfect PC for students since it is very portable, offers great gaming and general graphics performance, comes with high-end Intel CPUs, has great peripherals support via the Thunderbolt 3 port, and its price on Indiegogo is decent compared to similar builds. If you want to grab one, go to the Indiegogo campaign to back the project and see the full specs. Lastly, Chuwi has some more Back-to-School offers including Hi9 Air, SurBook, and Hi10 Plus. Check them all out, here.