Want to get a Chuwi HiGame and more for free? Check out how!

by Dimitris Economou 0

As you already know, Chuwi HiGame will be the first gaming Mini PC from the company that until now has been active in the tablet and laptop market. HiGame is crowdfunded on the Indiegogo campaign that will end in 18 days. In order to thank users for their support, Chuwi decided to give away some awesome prizes to thank whoever has been helping to spread the word about HiGame. Let’s see the list of prizes you can get the chance to win.

As you can see, the prizes are awesome! The way to win is simple: Share your unique referral link from Indiegogo to your Facebook, Twitter or blog. If you are logged into Indiegogo, you can copy that link directly located on your web browser address bar or click the share icons located on the right-hand side of the page (on desktop) and the Facebook share icon (on mobile). If your friends back the campaign directly using your referral link, their order would count towards you getting a reward.

Chuwi HiGame

And if that doesn’t meet your expectations, Chuwi is also preparing some cashback activities. As long as one person is recommended, there is a $15 cash back, and so on. No upper limit. Also, if you have other suggestions, you can join their Facebook group to make your suggestions.

Chuwi HiGame VR

Of course, rules apply as it happens in every contest and giveaway: If a customer cancels the order or requests a refund before delivery, it will be regarded as an invalid order. Also, don’t forget to share after logging in the Indiegogo account, otherwise the referral will be invalid. Only users who share the activity will win prizes, not all backers and the company will follow the Indiegogo rules and regulations. What’s more, you can’t get 2 rewards and if, for example, you refer 9 persons, then you can choose the prize of and the cashback, you must choose between one of them. Lastly, gifts are not guaranteed, you can contact the brand for further information.

Meanwhile, there is the promotion of Chuwi Hi9 Air being active right now that you can get on Gearbest for just $179.