Cubot P20 Twilight Black version steals the show on the presale debut

by Dimitris Economou 0

Cubot P20 finally reach the storefronts of online retailers as today it went on pre-sale on Gearbest for just $129.99. The discounted price will be available until August 12th and you can place your order right now. And if you are worried that it may take a long time until it ships, don’t, as it will ship immediately after the pre-sale ends.

Cubot P20

Unlike other models that hit the market gradually in different versions, the Cubot P20 is available in all 3 colors from the beginning, with the Twilight Black being a sight for sore eyes. Taking notes from the Huawei P20 design, Cubot managed to offer a familiar yet original color that has become very popular among users since it hit the news.

Cubot P20

Besides the design and color, the Cubot P20 also ships with great specs for the price. The MTK6750T sits in the core of the device and it is coupled with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage. In addition, the phone ships with stock Android 8.0 user interface without any bloatware or gimmicky features. And the 4000mAh battery makes sure that you won’t have to recharge when you’re on the go.