Looking for a reason to buy the UMIDIGI One Pro? Here are six

by Dimitris Economou 0

The UMIDIGI One and One Pro hit the market only yesterday on the Aliexpress UMIDIGI Official Store starting at as low as $139.99. Besides the low price, there are more reasons to obtain one. Let’s take a look at some of them and then you can decide if it’s worth it or not.

19:9 Full-Surface Display


The One Pro follows the same display design and aspect ratio as the iPhone X. The notch display offers more space for the notification bar, leaving the rest for apps. Also, the very thin bezels make it very compact and easy to use with one hand. Despite its 5.9″ display, it is almost as big as a 5.2″ device.


Stylish Twilight & Carbon Fiber


Love at first sight isn’t just a random phrase. It is very much true and for that reason most manufacturers aim at making beautiful devices. The One Pro coming in two colors -Twilight and Carbon Fiber- achieves love at first sight easily. The gradient Twilight color is the latest trend in the industry and it is adopted by many manufacturers. Also, the Carbon Fiber is easily distinguished among so many black devices.


Side Fingerprint Sensor


in order to give the One Pro a cleaner look, the company decided to move the fingerprint sensor from the back panel to the side, underneath the power button. This way, design looks uncluttered and more ergonomic since there is where your thumb usually rests when holding a smartphone.


Dual Rear Cameras and Dual Speakers


Another trendy feature in the industry is dual camera support and the One Pro has that too as it comes with a 12MP/5MP rear dual camera where the main sensor sports an f/2.0 aperture and an OV12870 sensor to enhance picture quality in any lighting condition. What’s more, there is a dual smart power amplifier which creates a stereo sound field for enhanced multimedia experience.


15W Wireless and 18W Wired Fast Charging


Opting for a glass back, UMIDIGI had the chance to add wireless charging to the mix and that’s exactly what they did. The device supports 15W Fast wireless charging and all you have to do is place the phone on the charging pad to start charging. Besides wireless charging, it also comes with wired fast charging support with PE+ technology that maximizes charging efficiency and fully charge the One Pro in just 90 minutes. Also, there is an NFC chip inside to use with Android Pay for payments on the fly.


Much Affordable Price Structure


Even without the discount currently offered, the One Pro is pretty affordable at $199.99. Add the $30 discount and you have a winner. In addition to the Pro, the standard One version comes at just $139.99. See both on the Official UMIDIGI Store on Aliexpress.

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