Leagoo S10 is the most affordable in-display fingerprint sensor smartphone, costs just $299.99!

by Dimitris Economou 0

The Leagoo S10 is soon going to hit the Indiegogo platform and is about to become the most affordable smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor, as it will sell for just $299.99! You make your reservation to get Up to 21% Off early-bird Discount before pre-order on Indiegogo.But the S10 is much more than that. To see the full details, you can visit the official product page on the company’s official site or just read on below.

Leagoo S10


Touch Access Revolution

The pioneering In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology unleashes a revolution in unlocking for the future smartphones. With it, the LEAGOO S10 hopes to take you one step ahead to the perfect full view world via the latest In-Display Touch Access. With the fingerprint sensor integrated in the screen, all you do is one touch to activate your S10. The future is here, now.

Leagoo S10


The under-display fingerprint sensor has some advantages over external solutions like:

  • Bigger Screen
    10% more display area
  • More Natural Interaction
    Intuitive Touch + Fast Response
  • Enhanced User Experience
    Refined Unlock Feeling

The fingerprint scanner is a universal smartphone feature these days, but our drive for thinner bezels, ever slimmer phones, and more natural interactions in LEAGOO S10 don’t fit well with the traditional home button fingerprint scanner. That’s when the In-Display Fingerprint Scanner kicks in, aiming to maximize the display in each and every way.

Leagoo S10


Smartly Powerful & Power Efficient


Leagoo S10

Powered by world’s first 12nm AI SoC, Helio P60, the Leagoo S10 features great performance along with integrated AI that results in great power, energy efficiency, longer battery life, and optimization. The device will come with 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM so smoothness and multitasking are guaranteed.

Leagoo S10


AI Smart Engine

Leagoo S10

With the Helio P60 inside, the AI-powered chip helps the device get increasingly familiar with your preferences, and tailors its settings accordingly, enhancing power efficiency and performance by intelligently allocating system resources in real-time. Also, it optimizes all apps running in the background, and prioritizes memory space to commonly used apps.

Leagoo S10

6.21″ 19:9 AMOLED Full View Display

Leagoo S10

With an AMOLED 2248 * 1080p FHD+ full view panel covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, the S10 allows the complete representation of every detail, giving you an exquisite result and clear pictures. The screen-to-body ratio is boosted to 90.3%, providing an even wider view with far greater visual impact for games and videos.

Leagoo S10

Below, you can check out the advantages of an AMOLED panel over the traditional LCD panels.


Leagoo S10

Being a new generation panel, it features vastly improved response time and refresh rates than conventional IPS panels, giving you unprecedented gaming experience and most comfortable vision journeys.

Leagoo S10



AI Smart Camera, Upgrade Your Beauty

Leagoo S10

AI Portrait Mode

With AI powered bokeh effect, foreground figure is more clear and authenticate than ever before while background image is blurred in a way that is pleasing to the eye, enabling you to shoot out the most stunning photos. How good it will be, we’ll see when we get our hands on one.


Catch the Eye with One Single AI Shot
AI Scene Recognition

Leagoo S10

Featuring an AI-powered scene recognition, it intelligently identifies more than 10 scenes and objects you are shooting in real-time, and then automatically find the perfect balance of brightness, exposure, color and contrast in every single shot you capture. Just like the Huawei P20.

AI-Enhanced Color Space

When taking photos, the LEAGOO S10’s AI-enhanced ISP increases vivid details of photo images by displaying larger color space, 30% richer and more accurate than typical photos, representing an authentic world in an immersive and stunning style.


Front Camera with AI Beauty

Leagoo S10


AI Powered Beauty Selfie

Equipped with a Sony® 8MP beauty front camera, Leagoo S10 allows you to catch sight of personal beauty in more detail. Whether you are taking selfies alone or with your friends in a selfie group, the contrast between both sexes will stand out even more, distinguishing in a more masculine or feminine characteristics.

Leagoo S10 camera


Potent Battery Performance

Leagoo S10

The S10 packs a large 4050mAh battery. Teamed with the power-saving screen, smarter processor, and excellent system optimization, it provides a relatively long-lasting battery life. Even under heavy use, it should last one day.

  • 4050mAh: High-capacity Battery
  • 650 Wh/L: High Battery Density
  • 500 times/90% retained: Durable Battery Life
Leagoo S10 battery
*The above data is achieved in LEAGOO lab and for reference only. The actual use experience may vary depending on different circumstances.


10W Fast Wireless Charging

Leagoo S10

If you find yourself annoyed by the mess of cables lying around the house, Leagoo S10 has the solution as ot supports wireless charging. Just lightly lay your phone and you are good to go. Plus, the charging pad has a 10W output which makes it at least 25% faster than normal 7.5W wireless charging.

Charge Faster, Last Longer

Featuring the latest MediaTek PE+ quick charge technology, the LEAGOO S10 can charge its 4050mAh battery up to 70% in 30 minutes; charging 1.5 hour for full charge. Matched with the 9V2A fast charger, it can save up to 32% charging time compared to other 4050mAh phones.

Leagoo S10 battery


Design: Crafted like a work of Art

Leagoo S10

The design team of Leagoo developed and tested over 100 variations before finalizing the subtle curvature that perfectly matches look and feel with durability. CNC and diamond cutting is used to build the case and the gradient color finish gives the device an exquisite back cover.


AI Software Optimization

Embrace the Notch with AI Technology

The S10 features Android 8.1 Oreo and sports a much smoother operation speed and steadier operation experience compared to previous versions. Also, the company’s engineers optimized the OS, adapting apps to work nicely with the notch display as they re-design the layout that work around apps and blend the interface into surrounding lines.

Super Battery Saver

The LEAGOO S10 features a Super Battery Saver application to save battery smartly so that battery runs longer than usual and increase battery life. According to the company, with the special battery saving mode on, you can extend the battery life just in one click.

Below you can see the full specs of Leagoo S10:

Display: 6.21 inch AMOLED FHD+ 19:9 notch display
SoC: MTK Helio P60 AI chipset
Storage: 64GB
Rear Camera: SONY 20MP/5MP dual AI camera
Front Camera: SONY 13MP
Battery: 4050mAh
Features: In-display fingerprint scanner, AI augmented technology (Camera, Endurance, Software Operation), 18W(9V2A) quick charge
10W(5V2A) wireless charge


Network Specifications

Leagoo S10 network

Retail Price: $299.99