ACIL H1 Bluetooth Earbuds giveaway and coupon activity

by Dimitris Economou 0

There is a widely used saying in the market that says “You pay what you get”. Thankfully, there are many companies out there that manage to contradict that common belief and offer great value for much less money than other companies. One perfect example to that is Xiaomi in the smartphone market and ACIL in the headphone market. The ACIL H1 is a wireless headset that integrates three crucial factors: comfort, superb sound quality, and affordable price. It is not the cheapest pair of earbuds you could find as it cost around $60, but it’s incredibly affordable compared to what it offers.

ACIL H1 Earbuds

The ACIL H1 produce a clear acoustic experience with warm bass response thanks to its dual drivers, powerful hybrid dynamic, and balanced armature drivers. Their excellent frequency balance which can reach high frequencies, while, on the other hand, it delivers very clear treble, is brilliant.

ACIL H1 Earbuds

If you’ve been looking for such a pair of earbuds, you are in luck as ACIL is giving away free wireless earbuds and different value coupon codes on the activity hosted by You can sign up on Hashbay to get 2 chances in the wheel of fortune game every day. If you share the activity on social media and friends, you can increase your chances of winning. You can check out all the activity details here.

The activity will be ongoing until September 2nd but bare in mind that you can’t add up the coupons you win for a single order. Every order allows 1 coupon at a time.