Video of the alleged Elephone A5 appeared online

by Dimitris Economou 0

This year has been the “Year of the Notch” since starting from when the iPhone X was introduced, many, many companies have embraced this design philosophy. So did Elephone that has even added a “notch” filter on their website for users to find such devices easily. So, under that filter, we can see there is a new device listed with just a photo: the Elephone A5.

But what’s so important about a future entry to mid-level device? But the triple camera setup that appears on the back of the device of course! Besides that, the device looks really stunning, adopting the gradient color effect as well as lumia lines when the light hits it body. And when someone might think that its development has a long way to go, a video leaked showing the Elephone A5 in what appears to be the company’s offices.

That’s all we have about the Elephone A5 for now but we expect more information to come out soon. Learn more here.