Cubot King Kong 3 vs Cat S60: Specs comparison and durability test (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Most rugged phones are made to withstand accidental drops, water, as well as dust and people choose this kind of phones for all these features as well as their -usually- big batteries. However, this kind of advantages come at a price as they are more expensive than ordinary smartphones. Look at the price of CAT S60 and S61 for example: They cost $599.99 and $799.99 respectively.

Of course, there are other companies much more VFM than CAT that offer good performance in addition to protection for much less money. Cubot is one of them and they have set up a new team to develop rugged phones and try to the lower down the high price while maintaining a good performance.

Cubot King Kong 3

So, after almost a year, the company is ready to launch their new rugged phone in September: Cubot King Kong 3. In terms of hardware, the King Kong 3 is pretty fair with Helio P23, 4GB of RAM and the rest of the specs you saw on the video above. But besides performance, the killer feature is the protective ability it offers. And it does a good job with IP68 certification and drop resistance. Also, it comes with NFC which seems to be a standard in all new devices this year as well as GPS/GLONASS support.

Cubot King Kong 3

According to the company, it will cost around $200 but the final price will be announced later this month. How much do you think it will cost? Learn more about it on the official product page.