Alldocube X could be the perfect alternative of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

If you envy the perfect design and awesome display of the Samsung tablets like the latest Tab S4, it is time for you to get another similar choice, and cheaper too. We are talking about the Alldocube X that is on its way to the market and offers the best VFM by utilizing the same Super AMOLED display as Galaxy Tab S4. At the time being, they are offering up to 23% discount on the Indiegogo campaign.

But why is Alldocube X a good choice? first of all, it sports the Super AMOLED display that delivers incredible image quality as you can see in the video below.



To continue, the X comes packed with a Hi-Fi chip from AKM to deliver mind-blowing audiovisual performance. It minimizes distortion, harmonics, noise, and other disturbance through audio processing to produce audio quality that far exceeds that of normal CDs. Using two laterally positioned stereo speakers, it creates a theater-like experience.

Alldocube X

What’s more, it supports HDR as it aims to become a real media tablet. HDR can balance out light and dark areas or the range of colors so you can see every detail, even in the shadows during a bright day. Along with these features, the Alldocube X also offers 8MP cameras on both sides, a large, 8000mAh battery, fingerprint reader as well as fast charging. All that at a third of what the Galaxy Tab S4 costs.

Alldocube X

Since the campaign on Indiegogo has surpassed the $250k goal, all backers will also be getting a tempered glass and the specially designed cover case for free. What’s more, they are currently holding a new referral contest to win a high-end stereo in-ear earphone, which has won the Japan professional audio award, Visual Grand Prix. You can head over to the campaign update and see how to participate. Only 250 units are left until the campaign ends in 18 days, so if you are interested, you can head over there and grab one while you can.