A.I. comes to toothbrushes with the BABAHU X1

by Dimitris Economou 0

Electric toothbrushes are constantly gaining market share as more and more people learn that brushing their teeth with an electric toothbrush is more efficient and faster than conventional methods. But according to researches, many people still use the wrong brushing method even with an electric toothbrush as they have a rush to spend a few minutes brushing their teeth before starting their day. To solve this problem, BABAHU, a dental care brand, introduces what they claim to be the world’s first AI-powered automatic toothbrush.

Babahu X1

As the manufacturer states, the BABAHU X1 adopts cutting-edge AI for both kids and adults to brush their teeth efficiently, and correctly. As you can see in the photos, it comes with a U-shaped design and all you have to do is place some toothpaste on before putting it in your mouth and let it do its magic. Adopting this shape frees your hands and enables you to make a cup of coffee, check out today’s news while brushing your teeth.

Babahu X1

So, where does the AI come in? It’s the intelligent partitioning algorithm that divides your teeth into different areas, like incisor, canine or molar, and then brushes them at different frequencies, in the right way. Of course, there are 3 different sizes for 3 different age ranges (age 2~6, 6~13, above 13), and it intelligently identifies the different mouthpiece for kids and adults, adjusting the brushing intensity to match the age group. BABAHU X1 uses the well-known Bass brushing technique which is recommended by more than 80% of the dentists worldwide. 6D super soft bristles cover your teeth from 6-side with a specific 45-degree angle.

Babahu X1

What’s more, the mouthpiece is made of FDA-approved edible silicone, and the whole toothbrush is anti-drop and IPX7 waterproof. So, don’t worry if you accidentally drop it or put it under the tap as it can withstand both. As far as charging is concerned, the X1 comes with Qi wireless fast charging with the standby time being incredible: 30 days on a 2-hour charge.

BABAHU X1 is crowdfunded on Indiegogo and you can get the super early bird price at 58% discount, which is only available for the first 300 subscribers to BABAHU newsletter. If you want to try something different and innovative for your teeth health, you can check it out on the Indiegogo project page.