Hohem iSteady Pro 3-Axis Gimbal costs little but does much

by Dimitris Economou 0

As smartphones and handheld cameras are featuring great camera performance among other things they do well, more and more users use them to create artistic amateur movies. Smartphones are used to film a movie every now and then. But where power and durability is necessary, the action cameras step in to offer waterproofing, great video quality, and even connectivity.

isteady pro

But a good action camera needs a mechanical stabilizer to shoot real quality videos. They are called gimbals and they usually are pretty expensive. This is not the case with the iSteady Pro that costs just $99 on Amazon and comes loaded with a bunch of features. First, it supports 360° roll axis horizontal follow without limit, 640° widely pan angle for easily generating a full 360° panorama, while tilt and roll are adjustable between -9.9° to +9.9°.

Of course, this works on batteries and the iSteady Pro can run up to 12 hours non-stop. Also, there is a custom app available, Hohem Gimset, which helps you upgrade the firmware in one click as well as calibrate the device. What’s more, you can customize settings for roll angle, fine-tune parameters, max speed follow, set motors torque, etc.

isteady pro

Lastly, shooting modes can be manually set up, creating a special trail time-lapse photography. The iSteady Pro is easy to operate and even novice users will quickly get the hang of it. If you’ve been waiting for a deal like this, you can grab one now on Amazon.