Onikuma released two budget gaming headsets at the HK Electronics Exhibition

by Dimitris Economou 0

When it comes to budget gaming headsets, most gamers wouldn’t expect too much on the build quality and sound performance. Inexpensive gaming headsets give an impression of low quality and terrible sound, but that is not always the case. After the industrial revolution in China, many Chinese manufacturers are offering quality products at affordable prices. Onikuma is one of them and at the ongoing HK Electronics Show, they introduced two budget gaming headsets, the K1 Pro and M180 Pro.

Onikuma K1 Pro

The K1 Pro is built with a 50mm speaker driver and 3D surround sound effect, bringing immersive gaming experience as it is easy to identify the enemies’ position. What’s more, it is ideal for group online gaming as it features a microphone. Also, thanks to the noise reduction feature, the Onikuma K1 Pro helps you pick up you and your friends’ voice clearly and let the outside noise out of your talk. Besides the features you’d expect to find in such a product, the company has also added LED dazzle lights that shine around the headphones shell.

Onikuma M180 Pro

The second model is the M180 Pro and is equipped with a noise-canceling microphone that minimizes background noise for clearer in-game communication as well as an omnidirectional retractable design that makes it easy to adjust the microphone position to your needs. There’s also support for 7.1 Virtual Channel Sound and vibration.


Both models make for good budget gaming headsets with above average sound reproduction and ergonomy. After all, these are the most important features in a headset that you wear many hours at a time. So, if you are on the hunt for a budget gaming headset with decent sound quality and performance, Onikuma should definitely be on your list of choices. Find out more on their official site.

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