Get the iLife A7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for just $197 on Amazon!

by Dimitris Economou 0

iLife is of the few robotic vacuum cleaners manufacturers that manage to offer high-performance products in conjunction with affordable prices. We all know that vacuuming and mopping is a tiring activity for housewives and house…husbands so. And since everything is moving towards automation and smart features, how could the vacuum cleaners not? Through the year, iLife has offered great deals and discounts to buyers but if you didn’t catch any of them, now it’s your chance.

iLife A7

The iLife A7 features a 3rd-gen CyclonePower cleaning system that allows for even more powerful suction and an even more methodical, deep, and thorough cleaning. Also, there are exchangeable floating rubber and brush rollers. In addition, the A7 comes with an LCD display for easier operation but can also be controlled through the company’s app on your smartphone for better control, even remotely. And if something goes wrong, you can see it directly on your smartphone.

iLife A7

But, does it do a good job at cleaning? The iLife A7 comes with multiple cleaning modes for different situations and although it comes with a large 0.6L dustbin, it can easily fit under furnitures thanks to its thin profile. The iLife A7 is now available on discount on Amazon. Instead of the $249.99 original price, you can get it for just $197.49 if you combine the 15% off discount provided by iLife and the $15 off coupon provided by Amazon. The offer ends on October 3rd and you can find it here.

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