Astrotec S70: A new truly wireless Bluetooth headset coming soon on Indiegogo

by Dimitris Economou 0

Since Apple released its now iconic AirPods 2 years back, a whole segment of manufacturers has been investing in similar headsets that do away with cables once and for all. The ideal platform for every new (and not so new) company that wants to fund its project is Indiegogo and we’ll soon have the chance to grab a new entry headset, Astrotec S70. The company behind the project intents to launch an Indiegogo project next month to crowdfund the S70 headset, so let’s check out some of its highlights.

Astrotec S70

Astrotec S70 main features

  • Dynamic and Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • 36 hours of playtime on the go
  • USB Type-C fast Charging
  • Never fall out earhooks
  • Water Resistant
  • 10g weight


The main component that is responsible for the quality of sound output is the drivers used and for that reason the S70 utilizes a 10mm high-fidelity large dynamic driver for the mellow bass and mid tones, and a Knowles highly sensitive balanced armature driver for the high notes to retain rich detail. This combination helps reproduce the emotive detail in-between layers of a song that are often lost.

The headset features Bluetooth 5.0 that allows for more stable and low-power connectivity. The connection range can reach up to 40 meters and the low-consumption Bluetooth 5.0 chip results in a 6-hour playback on a single charge. Add to that the additional 30 hours of playback time with the help of the portable charging case and you have a hyper-marathon runner.

Astrotec S70

The two pieces can be used wither independently or in conjunction so you are free to choose whatever suits you best. This is what the company calls “truly wireless” and the killer feature is that you can use both earpieces by yourself or share with another person. Add to that the super-light weight of 10gr and you have a perfectly “invisible” Bluetooth headset. In addition, the charging case is also light, at 90gr.

The campaign will kick off next month and you can subscribe now to get the 40% super early bird discount. This discount is available only to early buyers. Visit the Indiegogo page to subscribe and the manufacturer’s official website to learn more details about the Astrotec S70.