If you want a tablet with stylus, Chuwi Hi9 Plus cost 1/5 of the new iPad Pro

by Dimitris Economou 0

We’ve already mentioned the pros and cons of Chuwi’s latest tablet Hi9 Plus compared to the new iPad Pro. The main advantage of Hi9 Plus is its much lower price that is only one-fifth that of Apple’s flagship tablet. And it is currently 33% off on Gearbest.

CHUWI Hi9 Plus

The Hi9 Plus comes equipped with a stylus called Hipen H3 and it is an active stylus which adopts the principle of capacitance induction. Having 1024-level pressure points it is a high precision stylus that makes sketching and drawing more accurate. Like Apple Pencil, it has a 2mm super-fine point that you can use not only for drawing but also for taking notes in meetings or at school.

CHUWI Hi9 Plus

What’s more noteworthy, is that the Hi9 Plus adopts palm rejection technology so that it doesn’t respond to palm touches when using the stylus. The display will only respond to the corresponding area where the pen is used so you can write or sketch hassle-free. The Hi9 Plus costs just $189.99 on Gearbest right now and can offer an experience very close to that of the new iPad Pro. Check out its full specs here.