Doogee S90’s Night Vision camera module opens a new world of possibilities to photographers

by Dimitris Economou 0

Modular smartphones isn’t a new idea in the industry. Google tried to bring them to the market after obtaining a startup company but soon gave up on the idea. LG ang Motorola tried their luck too with the former giving up after just a year while Motorola (Lenovo) is still giving it a try. Doogee S90 is the latest addition to the game being a part of the S Series, and the Chinese manufacturer hopes it can revolutionize the industry with it. Equipped with four different modules -the night vision camera, walkie talkie, power, and game modules- Doogee S90 hopes to become a game-changer. As others have done before, the modules attach to the body via magnets.

Doogee S90 Night Vision

A new world of possibilities

The most interesting of all is the Night Vision camera module that gives users the opportunity to take photography to an entire new level. Packing a handful of impressive specs, it might be exactly what smartphone cameras need:

  • 12 times more light sensitive than the ordinary smartphone camera
  • Big aperture
  • Sony 131° super wide-angle
  • 6.18″ FHD+ premium screen

This combo makes the -otherwise- good 16MP/8MP AI rear camera seem inadequate. There also an 8MP front shooter but the exciting things happen when you snap on the camera module. Night time photography on a smartphone just got a little better.

Doogee S90 Night Vision

Night Time photography at its best

The main problem with smartphone cameras is that their sensor is so tiny, it can’t cope with low-light situations that demand big sensors to absorb all the light they can. And although they have evolved a ton over the last years with the help of software and AI, a hardware solution is always preferable. And that’s what Doogee’s solution offers. Thanks to its unmatched light sensitivity and large aperture, pictures taken in pitch black environments and surroundings acquire a quality never before seen as the company claims. Another thing that Doogee claims is that it can shoot even better than many stand-alone cameras that often find it hard to come up with good, or even a just decent photo when shooting in low-light conditions. Great support comes from the Sony 131° super wide-angle sensor that can capture details in high quality and projecting it on the 6.18″ FHD+ resolution display.

Doogee S90 Night Vision

A game-changer photographers need?

While camera modules aren’t something new, the night vision module of the Doogee S90 is truly unprecedented. If it is as good as the company says, it can take casual photography to a whole new level while semi-amateur photographers won’t have to carry their expensive and heavy equipment around in order to achieve a good shot. Of course, everything is judged by the result so we’ll have to wait until we can have a real review of the Doogee S90 with its Night Vision module to see if it is “hot or not”.

Doogee S90 Night Vision