Chuwi LapBook Pro: A Huawei MateBook X Pro alternative

by Dimitris Economou 0

Following the trend that big manufacturers establish, Chuwi has recently released a full-view ultrabook called LapBook Pro and priced at just $299. The LapBook Pro looks a lot like Huawei’s MateBook X Pro but comes at a much lower price. Now, let’s take a minute to explore the benefits of a full-view screen.


Full View

CHUWI LapBook Pro

The device features a screen/body ratio of about 90% that results in a nearly borderless display. The three bezels apart from the bottom one are ultra-narrow with the narrowest part being just 5.8mm, creating 20% increased ratio compared to traditional notebooks. The other plus of this design is that, despite the fact it is a 14.1″ laptop, its body is that of a 13.3″ one. And it weighs just under 1.47 kg for ultimate mobility.


Behind the looks

CHUWI LapBook Pro

Of course, having that kind of design means that Chuwi had to not only replace the mold but also redesign the camera, wiring, and other components. That brought a 30% increase to production cost. Add to that the strict quality tests with less than 50% pass rate and the cost jumps even higher. So, it is remarkable that it retails at just $299.99. Besides the display, the LapBook Pro comes with an Intel 64-bit 4-core/4-threads CPU, 9th Gen GPU, 4GB/64GB memory combination,  and a 37.24Wh battery. To learn more about Chuwi, visit their official website.

CHUWI LapBook Pro