Poptel P60 durability and waterproofing test: Did it survive? (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

This year is expected to be the year when 5G and foldable smartphones will make their way to mass production, signaling the beginning of a new era for the industry. But what about rugged devices? How will this market segment survive in this storm of changes? The well-know in China, Shenzhen-based company, Poptel, increases its competitiveness by means of R&D, supply chain, project incubation and cloud service, covering the most of the enterprises in China and more than 60 countries all over the world since 2009. More than 1200 employees are currently involved in R&D and the result is the latest rugged Poptel P60 which you can see in the video below going through durability tests.



As seen in the video, the P60 survived all kinds of tests it was put through including washing, splashing and drenching of water, 35 minutes immersion test and several drops onto a concrete floor from around 5 meters height, etc.. Having a military-grade protection, the device came out unscratched while the IP68 certification allowded it to withstand waterP60. As you might have noticed, it features real protection against water without the need for rubber plugs covering the USB port.

Poptel p60

Other that that, it comes with a 5.7″ FHD+ display with Gorilla Glass, Helio P23 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, NFC, and global network support. There is also a dual rear camera with a 16MP/5MP sensor combination as well as AI use  during shooting, slow-mo video recording, and multiple shooting modes. Unlike other manufacturers, Poptel uses its custom OS based on Android 8.1 with an intelligent UI, powerful private system, and new visual features.

Poptel p60

Now, you can get a chance to win one for free on the company’s Facebook page where the Global giveaway is held. What’s more, you can get an extra 6% off the sale price using coupon code R3WJ4RIH on Amazon US. To see the rest of the Poptel lineup, go ahead and visit their official Aliexpress store.