If you are thinking of buying the KXD K30, here are 6 reasons you should (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

The K30 is the latest model from the rising manufacturer KXD and as every small manufacturer should, they are entering the market pretty strong. The KXD K30 comes with dual glass full-screen design and medium level specs and here are 6 reasons that the company thinks are enough to convince you.


Dual-glass design brings stunning visual experience


The scratch resistant and ultra-hard glass used both on the front and back is very pleasing to the eye as it has rounded edges and it matches the metal frame perfectly. This perfect combination was first introduced by Apple on iPhone and made the whole industry move towards that.


A better and more power-efficient display


Adopting a more expensive than usual solution, the K30 uses an In-Cell display with RawColor technology whereas most budget devices use conventional panels. The HD+ resolution may seem low but its color performance and screen brightness exceed the average mobile phone displays. What’s more, the In-Cell technology brings more eye-catching color reproduction while saving 30% power compared to normal panels.


Dual cameras and night shooting

KXD K30Equipped with a 13MP/5MP dual rear camera with an f/2.0 aperture and 4P lens, the camera is more than competent for daily use while the software optimization improves night shooting a lot by maximizing the hardware capabilities.


Finger and Face: Dual Unlock, Dual Safety


Besides the rear fingerprint sensor that is a mature and super-fast technology that allows you to keep personal data safe, there is also Face Unlock support that is the next big thing in security. Both of them combined offer a fast and secure way to protect your information.


High-density battery brings long-lasting experience


While everyone wants a thin and sleek device, most users would trade that with long battery life. KXD K30 manages to achieve the perfect balance between these two as it comes in a slim body but at the same time, it sports 650Wh/L high-density lithium battery cells, which can retain 85% of effective capacity after 600 cycles of charging and discharging. High-quality batteries provide safer and more efficient discharge capacity. With compact size and slim body, as well as long-lasting battery for daily usage, this is the best effort from KXD engineers for the users.


Premium Sound


By implementing the latest sound box technology and frequency optimization technology, the sound output of KXD K30 is not just how loud the sound is but also how much quality it carries, with deep and rich overall sound profile. The KXD K30 will retail for $139.99 but with the pre-sale campaign already ongoing, you can get a $30 coupon by subscribing your email address here.