CHUWI Herobook with 38Wh Battery, Premium Choice for Office Work

by Dimitris Economou 0

Chuwi has released a bunch of Windows laptops the last 2 years with impressive design and -as always- affordable prices. The Chuwi HeroBook is their latest release that sports a 38Wh battery for super long battery life. In order for Chuwi to test the battery life more comprehensively, they conducted 2 different tests: a 5-hour real-life battery test and the PCMark 8 test. Let’s see how it did.

Chuwi HeroBook


Five-hour Battery Life Test

This method divides 5 hours into 0.5-hour for download/installation, 1-hour for video, 1-hour for webpages, 1-hour for music and 1.5-hour for office work to maximize the simulation of a usual day. The settings used were 100% battery, WiFi internet connection, 75% brightness, and 50% volume. Below, you can see the results after each test.

Chuwi HeroBook

According to the chart, Chuwi HeroBook can play video for 8 hours or music for 12.5 hours or work for more than 8 hours continuously. After five hours, HeroBook still had 38% of the battery charge remaining. Pretty good.


PCMark 8 Test

PCMark 8 is a benchmarking suite that includes a battery test and measures battery life with realistic use patterns, including document editing, web browsing, and video chat, to calculate the battery’s average life. The results are as follow:

Chuwi HeroBook


As shown in the screenshot above, the Chuwi Herobook can last 6 hours and 40 minutes. Except for its 38Wh high capacity battery, it packs an Intel 4-core/4-threads CPU built on 14nm process technology and 5W ultra-low power consumption, offering an ideal balance of performance and power consumption. So, if you are a frequent traveler or stay many hours on the road, this could be a perfect fit for you. Learn more about Chuwi on their official website.