Doogee enters the modular Era with the S90 rugged smartphone

by Dimitris Economou 0

Having released some pretty neat devices like the S70 rugged smartphone and the S80 with added walkie-talkie function, a concept new for the company is soon going to hit the market. Doogee will try to combine all power features everyone seeks in one device, the Doogee S90, by making it modular. A concept that was attempted by other manufacturers in the past but wasn’t very successful is now brought be Doogee that hopes that they will get it right this time. The S90 is another rugged device that is no different from others but when you add the modules, it transforms into something else.

Doogee S90

To be honest, moving away from traditional solutions is risky but the S90 does it in a way that seems natural. And it’s not just the way that the modules attach on the phone’s body. This we’ve seen before. It’s the type of modules they chose that makes a difference. So, depending on what you snap on, you can turn your device into an incredible camera, a walkie-talkie, a portable gaming device, and a battery monster. The modules attach to the body via magnets which is similar to the way Motorola does it and different from what LG tried in the past and gave up in the end. With the magnets, the device remains the core part of the configuration.

Doogee S90

In order to have a strong groundwork, Doogee equips the S90 with top mid-range specs like the Helio P60 SoC and a U-notch display. Also, there will be 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Besides the modules that are mentioned above, it is said that a sound booster, as well as an orientation module (compass maybe?), will be available too. It is good to see manufacturers experiment on different things as the smartphone industry seems to be slowing down the past few years. Of course, we’ll have to see how all this works in real life.

Doogee S90 Doogee S90