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ZTE Nubia Z7 mini unboxing

by Frank Tu 5

Yesterday afternoon(8th July),Nubia( the smartphone brand)launched its lastest summer Nubia Z7 series in the Chinese Film Director Center in Beijing. There are three smartphones in the Z7 series released in the conference, Nubia Z7、Nubia Z7 max and Nubia Z7 mini. I haved a first  glance by getting a Nubia Z7 mini in the press conference. Here is the unboxing photoes.

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  • Danny

    Hum the back of that phone does not look like the mini. Also as I feared, the battery is not removable.

  • Chetan

    nice work frank,
    can you post a teardown video of nubia Z7 mini?

  • Chetan

    i want to know if the battery can be removed by removing the screws and place a bigger mah one of same diamensions ?

    • Danny

      you probably can, but you will void the warranty for sure.

  • Serg

    So when will this be available in Europe, or from where can we order this outside of China?