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A Freshly Announced Blue Charm Meizu M1 Note May Have Some Screen Issues

by Linus 12

When it comes to the smartphones, there are a few things we put into consideration before buying. Besides the facts like design, build quality, user interface, the price is very important. The lower it is, the more attractive it is to the buyer. However, sometimes the consumer may have a question in mind, if there are any hiccups or some issues with the device if it is sold at the very low price.

As we have just covered the announcement of the new Blue Charm Meizu M1 Note, which is a new budget devices line by the Meizu. It has some serious bunch of specs, which include 5.5 inches screen, octa-core processor, 13mp and 5mp cameras, 2 GB of Ram, 3,140 mAh battery, 4G LTE and some other great stuff and it is sold for an extremely low price, which is $160.

However, no matter how excited you are, it may have some screen issues as the photos below suggest:

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It turns out that this particular unit has some screen issues, which definitely affect the whole user experience. We are not sure neither about the number of the devices affected by this issue nor the reason behind it.

Does it show that Meizu decided to use some cheap screen panels for this model? Or maybe it decided to use cheap panels or even other parts for the whole Blue Charm portfolio to make the price as competitive as possible? Let us know what do you think in the social poll or comment section below.

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  • Nathaniel Chabolah

    IMO these phones are dodgy, but you get what you pay for. It was a banging deal for me as I got it for $300 but next time I’ll be careful.

    • Dr Solom

      do you mean they are cheating us and the quality is not good?

  • Bailey

    This is such bad new reporting its untrue. Find one phone that has screen issues and then report that a complete batch have issues without using the phone and then let people come to the conclusion that Meizu are making bad phones becuase they are selling them cheap. This is just lazy hype reporting

    • Salman Nizam

      Hi there, for the record my M1 note too had that issues and needless to say my whole screen is blank. This didn’t even took three months to cause the issue. Unfortunately there isn’t any warranty avail in my country of residence or any customer service .

      • jae

        hello i got the same problem but mine only half of the screen was affected. did u able to fix yours?

        • Viktoras Tėrechov

          Interesting enough, at the beginning only 50% of the screen was affected, but recently it spreaded to about 70% of the screen. Luckily I can unlock it and open almost any apps – while within them the problem does not appear, except in cases I want to watch video or scroll through proto gallery

    • jae

      its true mine phone have this kind of problem. i have a meizu m1 note

  • Vincent

    Hi there, I got the same problem with my M1 note. It is hardware or software issue?

  • Vivek Kheriwal

    help me ! hi my name vivek and myphone meizu m1 note sreen issue . and no any servies centre in my area . and no display in market

  • keerthi sidigonde

    i have got the same 15days back. why it is so happening. whether its a software issue or an hardware issue. if i claim warrenty for this issue means do i get benifit or not. if anybody have idea about this means please suggest me….

  • CH Lam

    I have this problem.
    But when I send to service center for warranty they said WATER DAMAGE….
    Its a CHEATING!!!!

  • Viktoras Tėrechov

    I have this problem for a month or so… Seems like full screen replacement is the only solution(