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Xiaomi Mi 5 Sold Out Quickly In The First Flash Sale

by Joe 7

Xiaomi Mi 5 pretty much broke every record out there when it received more than 16.8 million registrations for the first flash sale that happened today at 10AM Beijing time. And as expected, the phone was sold out pretty quickly. So, despite the company’s efforts to stock up the device in plenty, it looks like users will still have a hard time getting hold of the Mi 5.

xiaomi mi 5 hands on 04

The company didn’t officially announce how soon the flash sale got over, nor did it reveal the number of Xiaomi Mi 5 units that were offered for sale today. But hopefully, we can expect these details soon. As for today’s sale, the Xiaomi Mi 5 3GB RAM + 32GB / 64GB storage editions were made available for purchase in China. The Mi 5 Pro with 128GB storage, ceramic body and 4GB RAM was still not available today. In fact, the company is yet to reveal a sale day for this special edition model.

xiaomi mi 5 pic

The next flash sale is exactly a week after, on March 8 at 10 AM Beijing time. It is said that this could be an open sale, but we are not yet sure about it. Anyways, even if its open sale, don’t expect the stocks to last long as there are millions of users who are still looking to grab the device.

As for the international customers, you may have to wait for some more time for the Mi 5 to reach your market.

So, which model(s) are you planning to buy? The 3GB + 32GB / 64GB version with a glass body? Or are you waiting for the 3D ceramic body variant?



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  • Dorian

    I am wating for 64GB model – seems the most balanced ot the 3.


      agree..but heavily tempted for pro version for few more bucks when one is spending 2300 yuan..also lack of sd card means one cannot expand later if needed.

    • mwahaha


  • ภัทรพงศ์ รัตนแก้ว

    I order Mi5 Pro, I hope it not long time

  • I’m waiting for 4GB/128GB/3D ceramic body variant.

  • Ionut Bc

    want 128 GB model. I have patience. Right now the 3rd party sellers have around 100 EUR over the official price. I’ll buy when it will be 50 EUR over the official price, which will probably be in may or june. And 3rd party sellers are on preorders.

  • RM199724

    This kind of selling makes me hate Xiaomi. We are now mid May and still you cannot buy it because it is always sold out. This is just plain cheating. You can shove this phone up where the sun doesn’t shine, Xiaomi. You suck big time!!!!!!!