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Nubia stocking heavily for July 13 sale of the Nubia Z11 flagship

by Jed John 14

Nubia’s 2016 flagship device, the Nubia z11 was released in June and officially went on sale online on July 6. Surprisingly, just a few hours after online sales commenced, the device was sold out completely. This has left many potential buyers who are eager to get the device wondering when it will be made available again.


That question has been answered by no less a person that Nubia’s co-founder Ni Fei who also doubles as the GM of Nubia smartphone division. Ni Fei sensationally informed fans on Weibo that Nubia is very busy stocking up more units of the flagship Nubia Z11 smartphone and that the device will go on sale again on July 13. He assured fans that they will soon get their hands on the Nubia Z11 soon.


The second generation Nubia Z11 comes with a borderless design, which means the literal bezels at the edge of the phone’s display is absent. The phone’s design also uses cutting edge technology with a metal frame forged from aluminum alloy which Nubia says is of aviation standard.

The Nubia Z11 uses aRC 2.0 refractive glass technology which breaks through barriers to provide boundlessly clear vision on the 2.5D glass. The flagship Z11 is also equipped with a NeoVison 6.0 camera system, AK4376 audio Hi-Fi chips, as well as Dolby Atmos panoramic sound technology for better sound quality, a Snapdragon 820 chipset, fingerprint scanner and lots more. The device comes in a standard version with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of inbuilt storage and an exclusive version with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage.

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As for the price, the Nubia Z11 standard edition goes for 2499 yuan in China ($374 US Dollars) and the exclusive version carries a price tag of 3499 Yuan ($524 US Dollars). The Nubia Z11 clutches a fair price tag when compared to last year’s Nubia Z9 which was sold for 3499 for the standard edition. Nubia did explain that there is a significant reduction in the price to give more users the opportunity of having a feel of the borderless Nubia Z11 flagship.



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  • Muhammad Yasir

    way too expensive … who will flock to buy THIS ?!

    • korbindallis

      Apparently Its sold out, so people did flock to buy this

      • Muhammad Yasir


    • James

      Expensive? Compared to HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone S6, Huawei P9 Plus, Sony Xperia Z5 etc etc it doesn’t seem that expensive at all and in my opinion, it’s a damn sight better looking than most handsets – damn shame about LTE 800mhz missing though, or I’d have pre-ordered one already.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        whats with the missing bands ruckus … can u explain in easy words ?

        • Semi

          Not harsh at all, I also couldn’t spend 400$ so easily, without saving for a few months, but since I understand that the hardware is worthy, I have no dubts it will sell like hot cakes around the world, I don’t dubt that only because I cannot afford it.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            you replied to the WRONG comment. .. open yer eyes !!

          • Semi

            so what? that’s all you have to say?

          • Muhammad Yasir

            just correcting u …

        • James

          No problem. ? It means that, here in the UK I can’t use LTE 4G oneither the GiffGaff (personal SIM) or O2 (Work SIM one of the biggest networks) networks I use and am limited to 3G. Which is a bit annoying!

          • Muhammad Yasir

            ohh… so lacking bands BASICALLY cuts you off from using LTE in the affected region !

            but the GSM works just fine ?? as in you can still use you sim to send texts and make calls , right ?

          • James


    • Semi

      A lot of people worldwide can afford to pay 400$, especially if you consider most of them will keep the phone for 2-3 years at it will hugely repay itself. It’s not because you can’t that the rest of the people can’t.
      For such an hardware the price is right, we are talking about latest components available, please be real.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        “It’s not because you can’t that the rest of the people can’t.”

        ok ok … i GET IT but …
        damn , thats fucking harsh , @disqus_pAIC5IFLg5:disqus :/