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Le x850 Pops Up On TENAA Again With Images, Funny Looking Dual Camera Module Still There

by Joe 14

Despite launching some amazing smartphones recently, like the Le Pro 3, the company still seems to be working on new handsets. We have already seen a yet to be released LeEco smartphone, the Le x850 on TENAA (without images) as well as via other leaks, but now, the certification website has added the images for the listing.

Once again, we can see the funny looking dual camera module at the back. It’s a bit different than the images that we have seen earlier, but the basic design remains the same. You have the new antenna lines at the back and the overall body has a brushed metal finish. As you can see, this is the rose gold color version, but there should be other color options such as coffee gray and gold.

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TENAA had already revealed the specs of the Le x850 model. The phone will come with a 5.7-inch 2K display and will be powered by the Snapdragon 821 chipset clocked at 2.34GHz. For memory, there will be 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The back features dual 13MP rear cameras while up front there is a 16MP selfie shooter. The battery is also pretty large, measuring 3900mAh. For software, the phone runs on Android 6.0.1 with EUI on top.

Rumors say that the phone could be announced sometime later in November. There’s another model, called the LeEco Dual 3 in the works, which is said to be the company’s AI smartphone powered by a custom Helio X27 chip. Hopefully, we will get more details about these devices in the next few weeks.


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  • mopsert

    I was expecting an announcement of a 5.7″ flagship eversince the Le Pro 3 was released. Hopefully there will be a 6GB RAM version and it will be available for a reasonable price.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    lol that device with x27 will launch next year …

    still hoping to see a QUICK release of Lex850 with SUPERB dual cams (dont fucking care if they look funny or if the rose color is too girlish for a few dumbasses !) and a good , cheap price tag !

    • princetom

      Go keep 350 usd. Hopefully, the smallest internal memory is gonna be 64 gig.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        have ~30 USD at present :p

        • princetom

          Just put 5 between the 3 qnd zero. But, fact is, i just want something bigger than 5.5 inch with good battery

    • NextHype

      Rose IS girlish, no matter where you come from, or how elevated is your IQ. Don’t tell me you’ll save for a year or two and then go buy a pink phone. Especially in Pakistan. You could be lynched.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        meh … who the hell’s talking about IQ or country of Origin… ; that’s totally out of the context and scope of this discussion. totally irrelevant to mention !

        all i’m saying is that people should stop being pussies over the color of a AMAZINGLY POWERFUL phone , it’s not like the phone requires you to wear a skirt or a pad to operate it !

        i would buy a pink phone provided that its amazingly powerful and cheaper than other color variants and other options within the same price range , without skipping a beat ! i don’t care what the society says or thinks , i honestly don’t give a fuck about their opinion , they can go shove it up their *you know what* !

        and i’m PRETTY sure you have a MASSIVELY distorted view of Pakistan … ask Yasser Kassana , he’s a brit but he’s been to Pakistan. we are NOT tribal … please do proper research before passing on such remarks. i don’t mind as much but not everyone’s as liberal and as patient.

        • lildwell

          I would buy a pink phone so it can match my pink Ralph Lauren dress shirt. But that’s just me.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            thats the spirit !

            i would buy it if its worth the price and there’s no other cheaper option.

            infact , i own a pink Sony Ericsson W705 !

          • lildwell

            Guys have always used pink items like dress shirts and such. Only people with something to hide worry about if a color is girly.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            yeah .. exactly man. i never got the stereotype. i thought it was only prevalent in countries like Pakistan , India and the like … sad to see it may be more wide spread.

        • NextHype

          No lynching in Pakistan… you may be willing to ask Mughees and Muneeb Butt about this one ^^
          I’m not sure my view is so massively distorted, but be sure I was just joking about ppl lynching others over smartphone colors.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            isolated incident related to personal conflicts and standoffs b/w the family of the boys and a few evil bastards who dwelled in the same society as them. they just unleashed all their hatred on the poor boys …

            maybe read up a bit more on that.

            pretty sure there are personal grudges and issues like these all over the world.

            lel , ikr. who would lynch over a smartphone’s color , unless its a really whacky society

  • Alan Wake