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Galaxy J blue-01
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Samsung Galaxy J in Taiwan will has Blue color variant

Samsung Galaxy J has been released in Taiwan last year, since it’s release, the phone is only available in White and Red color variant,...
Samsung WP81
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Samsung SM-W350F, the upcoming Windows Phone device with WVGA display

Microsoft has been unveiled their hardware parter in the Mobile World Congress 2014 in las February, Samsung is one of the Microsoft hardware partner...
Galaxy Note 4
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Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been leaked

Samsung Galaxy S5 has not been released to the public, but now we’ve got the presence of the leaked information about the Samsung Galaxy...
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When the Samsung Galaxy S5 revenge to user

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the one of Samsung flagship smartphone that already release, but no many people can get this phone since Samsung is...
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini
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Galaxy S5 Mini is leaked with 4,5 inch 720p screen

Samsung has alaready release their new flagship smartphone, Galaxy S5 to the selected market, and now we have leaked image of Samsung Galaxy S5...
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.0 7 is leaked

Samsung is ready to release their new upcoming tablet device, Galaxy Tab 4.0 7, From it;s name we can guess that the new Galaxy...
Galaxy beam 2
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The next version of Samsung Galaxy Beam spotted in China

Samsung Galaxy Beam has officially announce on MWC 2012, that’s the old smartphone but has interesting features since tthe phone has mini projector inside,...
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Samsung is starting to mass production 20nm 4GB DDR3 RAM

Samsung has announced their starting to produce the new DDR3 RAM module, this RAM is produce based-on 20nm process.
Goophone S5 (left) vs Samsung Galaxy S5 (right)
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Goophone S5, Samsung Galaxy S5 clone with only $299.99 USD price

Two days after launched at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014, Samsung Galaxy S5 already has a clone. Goophone managed to trace the Galaxy S5...
Galaxy S5
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Samsung Galaxy S5 full review video

While we’ve ever covered the news about new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5, is now we have a full video review about those phone.