The popular tablet cost of dialysis margin revealed

by Rosgani 2

Recently, the foreign media has compared several popular tablet PC hardware costs, and they include the Microsoft Surface, Apple iPad 3, iPad Mini, Google Nexus 7, and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

The does not include the cost of marketing, cost of sales and operating system, comprehensive parts after dismantling price as the main basis.

Microsoft Surface RT 32GB version parts and labor costs of about $ 267, while the priced at $ 499, the profit margin about 46%.

The iPad3 16GB version has cost $ 316, priced at $ 499, a profit margin of 37%.

The iPad Mini 16GB version parts and labor costs of about $ 198, while has price tag of $ 329, a margin about 40%.

7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD 16GB version has costs $ 174, priced at $ 199, a margin of only 13%.

Google Nexus 16GB (8G) cost $ 159, priced at $ 199, a margin of 20%

Seen, the highest profit margins in Microsoft products, followed by Apple, then Google and Amazon. But I think the Amazon tablet is a terminal of its powerful content.

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