ZTE prefer to using Snapdragon chipset rather than Exynoss

by Rosgani 1


While Samsung has been has been introducing the new Exynoss Octa chipset for mobile device, but it does not necessarily make ZTE keen to embed it on their smartphone products.

“We do not currently interested to using Exynoss chipset on our smartphone products,” said one of the ZTE officials on the sidelines of the event Mobile World Congress 2013.

Even supposedly, Samsung itself is still not satisfied with the Exynos Octa due to high power consumption in this chipset.

As a result, Samsung is rumored to switch to Qualcomm processor on the new Galaxy S IV smartphone. However, a number of countries in Asia and Europe is rumored to be rationed Galaxy S IV that use Exynos Octa processor.

Moreover, there are a fantastic score that can achieved by Qualcomm Snapdragon S600 powered by Krait 4 cores and Adreno 320 graphics chipset.

And ZTE now prefer to choose Qualcomm as a partner rather than Samsung. “We’ve had a strong partnership with Qualcomm to develop chips and software business belongs to us,” said ZTE staff.