Why beg for an invite when OnePlus One is available in Oppomart?

by Frank Tu 0

oneplus one oppomartThe disappointment associated with the release of the OnePlus One is rising. The invite only buying system has meant a lot of people are just going without while they wait for an invitation to purchase a product that just isn’t anywhere. This would be a tragedy if it were true, but the OnePlus One is for sale, it’s available to everyone at Oppomart. The price is certainly a little higher and some modifications need to be made, but the added value of having the phone immediately and not having to wait until the phone is old before it can be purchased is certainly worth a few more dollars. Increasing numbers of people are getting out of the invitation race and just getting it from a third party, and here’s why.

The warranty issue isn’t a problem, admittedly with some third party dealers it certainly is a problem, but with Oppomart there is a 2 year warranty on all phones, so although you may not have recourse with the manufacturer should there be any problems, you can just deal with Oppomart instead.

OnePlus One forum members getting a crack at purchase invites   Android Central

The OnePlus One available from Oppomart requires CyanogenMod 11S to be installed. This is quite an off-putting idea to those unfamiliar with the process but the installation is easy and quick and there are reams of webpages to answer any concerns and talk you through the process. There really is excellent free technical support available online, by some very knowledgeable and helpful people.

As regards the bandwidth problem, this applies to all imported smartphones; check the phone is operable in your area first. If it is, there isn’t a problem so you needn’t be put off. All of Europe and Asia and even great swathes of the US have network coverage for the OnePlus One so the vast majority of those considering the phone have nothing to fear here.

Really then, the only thing coming between most people and the truly great smartphone they desire is a little bit more money and effort. Plus they throw in a free cover. Look into it, you could have a OnePlus One tomorrow.