Meizu announces that the MX2/MX3 has officially entered the Android 4.4.4 era

by Frank Tu 0

Today, Meizu released the MX3/MX2’s Flyme OS 3.7.1A test firmware, announcing that the former has officially joined the Android 4.4.4 era. For this new version, a lot of upgrades were made for safety and user-performance-related reasons.


This week’s firmware highlights:


Operating system was upgraded to the Androi 4.4.4 with many upgrades.


—–Summary of changes—–


Android upgraded to Android 4.4.4;

Now press the power button to lock the device, and the screen will turn dark;

When you pull down the notification tab when the device is locked, the time that it’s in standby mode will be the same as when it is unlocked to let you browse the notification bar.

After repairing the font, when selecting the medium or large font, list of contacts is incomplete.




The switches for the light keyboard have increased. Now, if the light keyboard is not used within 5 seconds, it will automatically disappear.


Text messaging


Fetion and foreign numbers are already saved in the contact’s profile which can be classified as individual profiles. Messages without a saved number will be classified as notifications.


System upgrade


If the apps are upgraded when the system is upgraded, then the status bar will change and a message will appear saying whether the upgrade is complete.


Firmware download links:

MX2 Flyme OS 3.7.1A(Test version)




MX3 Flyme OS 3.7.1A(Test version)

Size: 451MB