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OnePlus is preparing the OnePlus Two smartphone

by Rosgani 2


OnePlus seems ready to preparing their upcoming OnePlus Two smartphone, the phone is has codename “Lettuce” (while we are know the OnePlus One smartphone has codename “Bacon”).

According to @evleaks, the next OnePlus smartphone will be launching in the near future, but there is no detail information about the release date, and we are pretty sure that the phone will be comes with more powerfull specs and nice hardware. As we all know, the OnePlus One smartphone is offers with $299 USD price tag dor unlock version and the new upcoming OnePlus Two will be offers with affordable price too.

OnePlus is also ready to addopt the new Android L platform within three months after Google officially release the new Android L latform to the market, and we predict the new upcoming OnePlus Two is ready to running Android L when release, so what do you think?

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  • simplyshriek

    One PLus One itself not available and not have had handson….
    Not sure about OP2…

  • Tommy Pearson

    They can’t even get Oneplus one out so why in the hell are they trying to produce a number two focus on the people waiting now not future people who don’t exist Oneplus you need to just stop the nonsense if you’re unable to get a phone out like you promised just close your damn doors no one has time for your endless bullshit contest straight up

    Oneplus this isn’t Magic Mountain or Disneyland stop taking real people for a ride there is no reason why anyone should have to play games just to hand you money you should be handing me money to take your bugged out phone